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Jay Wang - Loan Officer and Realtor 南加州貸款與房產經紀人

Call: 626 822 0781

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For most home owners, homes can be their biggest asset, and deciding to sell it is a major decision that involves serious preparation work. Due to increasingly tightened laws and regulations, real estate transactions have become quite complex. There are complicated legal aspects tied to a real estate transaction. Let me help you protect your interest and ensure your transaction is a smooth one. The following are recommendations for home sellers to consider before putting properties for sale on the market:

Prepare Your property

Before you put your property on the market for sale, it is important to prepare home property for sale. Are there any repairs that needed to be done? Should the home be repainted? Would you consider your kitchen for an upgrade? Is the lawn property maintained? General consensus shows a home that is organized, clean, and well maintained will be perceived to have higher value than the one that is not.

Space Perception

Perception of space is very important to buyers, a home clustered with bulky furnitures or cabinets that take up much space can give the perception of not enough space. Consider relocating bulky furnitures or cabinets elsewhere, such as public rental storage, before listing your home for sale.

Home’s immediate surrounding

In addition to your own home, the immediate surrounding of your home plays a major role in how potential buyers will perceive the property as well. Are there any trash lying on the ground nearby? Broken fallen leaves and tree branches that needed be picked up?

Determine your selling price

When it comes to setting the selling price, a comparable market analysis can help sellers determine a reasonable selling price. A comparable market analysis compares your property with surrounding similar properties recently sold or currently on the market. With a comparable market analysis, you can see what is going on in your neighborhood. Please note a house is worth what buyers are willing to pay. A comparable market analysis only provides a reference. The final agreed upon price between seller and buyer is always determined by the principle of supply and demand.

Cities that require mandatory city inspection

This last one, but not least, is actually an important note that certain cities have mandatory city inspection. If a seller’s property is located in cities that require city inspection, things can get a bit more complicated. Basically, a seller will not be able to close escrow unless city inspector approves after checking building code compliance. In California, not all cities have mandatory city inspection, but some do.