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Jay Wang - Loan Officer and Realtor 南加州貸款與房產經紀人

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Southern California Home Sellers Guide Part 1

Posted by: admin


This is part one of home seller’s guide. In this article (also a video embedded), we are going to cover some basic tips for homeowners who are planning to sell their real estate properties. If you are planning to sell your property, making a good impression is critical. Visiting buyers can make their decisions very quickly. So it is important to make a good impression. Let’s go ahead and get started and discuss some basic preparation.

In this part 1, we are going to talk about the following topics:
Get things organized
Space Perception
Set a selling price

Get things organized

The first thing we will be looking at is to get things organized. When buyers come visit, they will check everything. The layout, the condition, and also tidiness. A home that is clean and organized will certainly make better impression. In addition, with just a little creativity, you can set up a really nice staging with what you already have around the house. For example, maybe some flowers bouquet around the home or maybe by the entrance, it’ll look really nice.


The second one we will also be talking about is repair. If a property requires some repair works, such as leaking roof, peeling paints, clogged gutter, mold, and so on, it is better to have them fixed before putting on market for a couple of reasons. Now, you may be wondering, “can I sell my home as is? I don’t feel like fixing anything.” Yes certainly. Owners can sell properties as is. But there are a couple of problems with that. Usually buyers prefer homes without problems. If home buyers spot anything wrong, it can really discourage them. Also, if a seller does not wish to fix problems, buyers will almost always ask for credit, which means price reduction. Because buyers will still have to take care of the problems themselves. Study shows that , a lot of times, credit negotiated may be a lot more comparing to fixing the problems beforehand. That is why it is better to take care of the problems first before putting on the market.

Space perception

The 3rd topic we want to talk about is space. In general, people like space. If all furniture have already been moved out before buyers coming to visit, then this won’t be a problem. But if sellers are stilling living there during selling process, furniture that are bulky can make some buyers feel confined, restricted, and uncomfortable. It is recommended to de-clutter before showing. If there are large, bulky furniture, it is recommended to relocate them to make more room.

Curb Appeal

Earlier, we talked about impression. Impression actually starts as soon as buyers arrive before they even walk in. The first thing they will see is the outside. So, the property’s external environment also counts as well. Closely examine the outside of the property and check everything nearby. Couple of examples, Look for signs that show wear and tear. These areas may need touch up, repair, or clean up. Dispose any trash nearby. How is the condition of the fence? Do you see paint peeling off. All these little things will count.

Selling Price

To determine selling price, we start with market analysis. Through comparable market analysis, we can find out pricing information on similar properties nearby that are both sold or are active on the market right now. Once we identify and analyze the market, we can come up with optimized pricing strategy to maximize clients return on investment.